In a recent survey, 78% of HR executives stated they believe outplacement and career transition services improve the organization’s image both internally and externally. In addition, 81% of employers engage help from external outplacement providers to assist with these transitions.

Prositions, Inc., a career coaching and consulting firm, is now offering a free Outplacement Guide to help companies that are going through, or planning for a transition event. This includes mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, lay-offs, or any kind of restructuring.

“The problem is too many organizations wait until the last minute to act because no one wants to think or talk about the pain of downsizing, terminations or layoffs,” said Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions, Inc. “But, the best time to plan for organizational change and restructuring is before you actually need to do it. That’s why we developed our free Outplacement Guide. It gives companies a jump-start to take advantage of the benefits of a well-executed transition plan.”

Prositions’ new Outplacement Guide includes a number of tools that companies can use to evaluate, plan and implement their own outplacement strategy. These include an ROI (Return on Investment) calculator, reproducible strategy planning guides, vendor comparison charts and checklists, and PowerPoint templates for strategy planning sessions.

“The Outplacement Guide is a complete package. It leads companies, step-by-step, through the process of how to effectively transition employees out of their current positions and on to new career opportunities. We have a number of clients who have used the Guide for inplacement efforts as well,” said Tom Russell, Senior Career Strategist, at Prositions, Inc. “Anyone considering a restructuring or change should go to our website and download a free copy.”

The Outplacement Guide offers companies that are thinking about a possible transition, a free tool for planning a strategy that will not only help them ensure the happiness of their departing employees, but also help them retain their positive image.

Prositions Inc. is a rapidly growing company that provides career transition services to help organizations and individuals manage their career change process. Prositions helps to maintain a company’s positive image, while giving affected employees a pain-free path to their next career prospect. It does this in a unique and advanced way by combining the power of the Internet with an international network of career experts. For more information on Prositions and their unique services, or to download your free copy of the Outplacement Guide, visit them on the web at

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