The Founder and CEO of Prositions Frank Russell has been awarded the Learning Champion Award for his exceptional contributions to the learning industry. The award takes into account over 30 years of Frank’s innovation and entrepreneurism in the learning and development industry. His most notable accomplishments include:

  • Leading the modern trend for virtual mentoring with a full-featured software application
  • Creating one of the first SaaS/Cloud-based learning management systems
  • Guiding the video training content industry from an analog to a digital model
  • Shifting the way training content is aggregated, distributed, and consumed

“I have known Frank for a long time,” reflects Lloyd Singer, serial entrepreneur in the learning industry. “He is an incredible leader and entrepreneur who has always had a keen intuition about where the learning industry is headed. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him, and even competing at times, on some of these major industry transformations. His ability to help shape the future of the industry has been remarkable.”

Frank is an influential business and technology leader, visionary advisor, and true innovator of the learning industry. Since 1985 he has founded three companies in the learning industry. Since the inception of his first company, his goal has been to create and provide transformational learning technology and services to organizations. Frank has also served as the president and board member of several training media associations. Currently as the CEO of Prositions, Frank is impacting the mentoring industry and revolutionizing the way organizations develop and engage their talent.

“Research shows that formal training alone is not delivering the results human resource development professionals demand today,” explained Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions. “The key is to reinforce training with effective mentoring via technology. I’ve enjoyed working with Frank in two of his companies and can honestly say his drive to create disruptive change in the market has been an inspiration to us all.”

The annual Learning Champion Award recognizes individuals for exceptional contributions to the industry. Nominees can be innovators, thought-leaders, trailblazers, mentors, cutting-edge technologists, rookies, creative consultants, or high performing professionals that positively impact the learning industry. The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, June 8th at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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