Since 2012 Prositions has been at the forefront of the growing movement to help automate and facilitate mentoring in the workplace. In honor of International Mentoring Day (January 17, 2017) they are giving back to the mentoring community by offering their new How to Build a Mentoring Program Guide complimentary to the public and announcing the release of the new MentorString mobile application.

“Mentoring spans more than just a month, but to honor this occasion we’re happy to offer our comprehensive mentoring guide to help organizations create or improve their mentoring programs,” stated Frank Russell, CEO of Prositions, Inc. “A mentoring program is one of the most effective and valuable tools an organization can implement to increase employee engagement and improve employee performance on the job.”

However, building a mentoring program that works can be challenging. Prositions’ new workbook, How to Build a Mentoring Program that Works, will help human resource professionals understand the critical components of a successful mentoring program and step through the process of creating and implementing it in their organization. The workbook starts by helping users identify clear goals and create buy-in from senior leadership and support from stakeholders. Then users work through the design of their mentoring program to fit with their organization’s needs and culture, while identifying how to prepare mentors and mentees for their new roles. Additional steps include planning the launch and implementation process and determining how to measure the impact and success of the program. To download a complimentary workbook to use individually or with a team, visit:

Along with this free guide, Prositions is also releasing its new MentorString mobile application. It is built for use with the cloud-based version of the software to access notifications, development/action plans, and profiles from anywhere and at any time. The MentorString software helps organizations facilitate and automate a mentoring program, connect and develop employees in an organization of any size, and deliver individual action/development plans to accelerate learning.  

“The MentorString app has been in development for almost a year, and the entire team is excited to finally see it in the app store,” said Quinten Powell, Senior Product Developer at Prositions, Inc. “We’ll continue to create and add new features as we get feedback from our customer base. The app is yet another convenient way users can access all the valuable tools, connections, and resources available in MentorString.”

About Prositions
Prositions, Inc. is a leading provider of learning content and performance support libraries and offers a complete range of consulting, software, and service solutions. MentorString, their award-winning, cloud-based software application enables organizations to leverage virtual mentoring, engage in secure collaboration, and access high-quality individual development plans with integrated training content from industry-leading authors and producers. For more information about Prositions, visit

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