As organizations plan for 2013, they are faced with the need to effectively manage their budget and find ways to increase ROI without significant costs. To help these organizations, Prositions, Inc., a talent transformation firm, is now offering Mix and Match savings packages on all their Full Talent Lifecycle Support Solutions.

To save money, and to ensure budget predictability, organizations can purchase Prositions’ Mix and Match savings packages, to use over the course of a year, as the need arises. Prositions offers several quantity discount programs based on the level of commitment, number of candidates enrolled, and payment terms.

“As a former Human Resource Executive, I remember sitting down with my crystal ball trying to predict our budget for the coming year. There are so many unknown variables. Predicting needs and costs for specific line-item areas was always one of my biggest challenges,” said Salsberry, “Our Mix and Match savings program allows HR managers to accurately budget for the year ahead, while allowing maximum flexibility for unforeseen events that are bound to arise.”

This flexible solution allows organizations to customize their own talent transformation packages, utilizing Prositions’ Dual Career Assistance, Outplacement, Talent Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Retirement Planning services. It also allows them to mix and match the package levels offered: Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum which vary dependent upon how much time each individual candidate requires and accommodates candidates from entry level positions to high level executives.

“With our Mix and Match program, if you purchase a Leadership Coaching package for twenty employees, and you only end up needing ten, you can use the others for retirement planning, dual career assistance, outplacement, or any of our other services, while still receiving the benefits of our discounted package,” said Salsberry.

“Whether you have 15 candidates or 500, we have a money-saving solution for you,” and we will work closely with each organization to tailor a budget package based on their projected needs.”

Prositions Inc. is a rapidly growing Talent Transformation firm. It offers career transition assistance, leadership development and performance coaching, talent coaching and mentoring and retirement planning. Prositions does this in a distinct and advanced way by combining the power of the Internet with an international network of career experts. For more information about Prositions and their unique services, visit them on the web at

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