Prositions, Inc., a leading career transition company, is launching ProCareerAssistanceTM – Foreclosure Prevention Program, offering a new way to keep at-risk mortgage customers in their homes and re-ignite their careers. By partnering with lending firms, Prositions provides career transition tools and services to help keep potential foreclosures from occurring.

The average home foreclosure costs the lender around $50,000. Prositions ProCareerAssistance- Foreclosure Prevention Program saves banks money, while helping them help their customers.

If a borrower becomes unemployed, he or she is highly likely to default, especially because the newly unemployed are staying unemployed for longer periods of time. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, It takes an average of 35.6 weeks (almost nine months) to find a job.

“The average candidate enrolled in Prosition’s career coaching program is placed within 10-15 weeks. That’s five to six months sooner than the national average,” said Robin Salsberry, President, Prositions, Inc.

Prositions e-transition model combines the latest Internet, mobile, and social networking technologies with certified career advisors. Its proven step-by-step methodology delivers unparalleled results for mortgage holders and their customers.

“We’ve created a program that’s a win-win for both lenders and homeowners,” said Salsberry, “We save the lender time and money, and help to keep families in their homes.”

Prositions, Inc., a leading career transition company, provides services and technologies that help individuals successfully manage the career change process. Their unique approach combines the most advanced technological solutions, such as: cloud-based computer systems, leading social networking technology, sophisticated job search engines and automated resume creation and submission tools. They accomplish this with a highly trained, experienced and professional service team. By combining high tech with high touch, Prositions creates the most effective and advanced career transition solution in the industry.

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