Prositions Inc., a career coaching and consulting firm, has released a new dual career assistance program (DCAP) to support ‘trailing’ spouses or partners of individuals relocating for employment.

“According to industry statistics, 56% of employees who are asked to relocate for a job, refuse because of the potential economic impact of a ‘trailing’ spouse our partner,” said Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions. “Also, in the second half of 2011, we saw record lows in terms of new hire candidates willing to move to accept employment. This will definitely impact our economic recovery, unless employers move quickly to correct this trend.”

To help solve this growing problem, Prositions has created a new DCAP program to assist partners and spouses find employment in their new location. Considering that some geographic locations offer limited employment opportunities so Prositions specializes in national and global job searches that help spouses and partners find relevant jobs that can also be done from home or with minimal travel.

“Our programs offer customized job search and career transition services to minimize the pain and pressure of transfers and relocations,” said Tom Russell, Senior Career Strategist, with Prositions.

Whether a couple is moving across the state, country or internationally, Prositions provides resources to assist a spouse or partner with a variety of support services and tools. These include job market research, compensation analysis, career strategy planning, resume writing and editing, as well as, networking and social media, interviewing and negotiation skills and more.

“We understand that a spouse or partner’s employment plays a huge role in whether an individual will relocate for a position, and our DCAP solution helps remove or marginalize these concerns,” Russell said.

Prositions Inc. is a rapidly growing company that provides career transition services to help organizations and individuals manage their career change process. Prositions helps to maintain an organization’s positive image, while giving affected employees a pain-free path to their next career prospect, at a very competitive price. Prositions does this in a unique and advanced way by combining the power of the Internet with an international network of career experts. For more information on Prositions and their dual career assistance program (DCAP), visit them on the web at

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