Contrary to what most employers believe, 88% of employees leave their jobs for reasons other than pay. Primary reasons include that there isn’t enough encouragement and feedback, employees feel devalued or there are too few growth and advancement opportunities. Over 50% of employees will leave an organization within the first two years, and 25% will leave within the first six months.

Most organizations make a significant investment in training and developing their talent. When that talent leaves an organization much of that investment is lost. Employee turnover can be expensive. It can cost more than twice an employee’s annual base salary to replace them, and nearly 70% of the organizations polled said they’ve had difficulties recruiting and finding qualified talent.

“Our research indicates that the organizations that do the best job of attracting and retaining talent usually have effective performance coaching and mentoring programs,” said Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions, an international career-consulting firm headquartered in West Des Moines, IA. “ The problem that many organizations face is that they simply don’t have the resources or knowledge to set up a program that works.”

To fill this need, Prositions is launching a new service to provide third party talent coaching and mentoring, with a twist. Leveraging the power of high tech with high touch, Prositions is combining experienced career coaches and mentors, with a technology-based delivery model.

“It all starts with a highly qualified team of coaches and mentors that have decades of experience dealing with performance and career related issues,” said Tom Russell, Senior Career Strategist, based out of New York City. “Our coaches are independently certified and leverage the latest technology, including, ProCareerMentor, our powerful mentoring software, to tailor a customized solution for each organization and candidate.”

ProCareerMentor includes online assessments, career development tools and a performance improvement methodology. “We employ a simple but powerful coaching model that is very easy to use and highly effective, said Russell, “We also teach this coaching methodology to the organization’s leaders so they can use it to help improve the performance of their entire team.”

This new mentoring service also matches a candidate’s background, experience and qualifications with the appropriate Prositions’ coaches and mentors, resulting in optimal benefit for both the individual and the organization. This ensures that the candidates receive the right coaching strategy and message to meet their needs and the needs of the organization.

Prositions Inc. is a rapidly growing company that provides career transition services to help organizations and individuals manage their career change process. Prositions helps to maintain a company’s positive image, while giving affected employees a pain-free path to their next career prospect, at a very competitive price. Prositions does this in a unique and advanced way by combining the power of the Internet with an international network of career experts. For more information on Prositions and their unique services, visit them on the web at

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