Within the past few months Prositions has assisted thousands of veterans in the civilian workforce with their ProVeteran Program. The program enables U.S. veterans to take control of their careers by providing resources to successfully transition from the structure and direction they are used to in the military. These veterans are employed at organizations of varying sizes and industries throughout the United States.

“The veterans who enter the civilian workforce need to have continued support from experienced leaders and mentors within their organization in order to successfully acclimate back to civilian life,” said Craig Robbins, Director of Talent Development Solutions and head of Prositions’ ProVeteran Program. “By using MentorString organizations can help veterans collaborate with their coworkers and provide them mentoring and coaching on the professional and personal topics they request.”

At the heart of the ProVeteran Program is Prositions’ cloud-based mentoring software, MentorString. Organizations who participate in the program receive free setup, implementation, branding, training, and user support of MentorString. The only thing organizations need to provide is a program administrator and internal mentors and coaches who are excited to help veterans create a new community.

“On this 96th Veterans (Armistice) Day, we at Prositions want to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of our current and past service men and women,” expressed Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions. “Take a moment today and think about how your organization can and does assist veterans. The ProVeteran Program may be a great choice to continue supporting them.”

MentorString is Prositions’ virtual mentoring and secure social collaboration platform that helps organizations automate mentoring, coaching, and development programs, making it convenient for both the veteran and their mentor. The application allows organizations to easily implement and administer mentoring and coaching programs with veteran and non-veteran populations alike. For more information on the ProVeteran Program and to get involved visit prositionsinc.com/veteran-programs

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Prositions, Inc. is a rapidly growing talent transformation consulting firm that offers virtual mentoring software and services, career transition assistance, and development solutions using the True Development Model. By combining the power of technology with an international network of coaching experts, they are revolutionizing development programs. MentorString, their award-winning cloud-based software, enables organizations to leverage virtual mentoring, engage in secure collaboration, and access high-quality individual development plans with content from industry leading authors and producers. For more information about Prositions, visit https://www.prositionsinc.com.

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