Prositions, Inc., announced today it has signed a multi-year agreement for the worldwide distribution rights of MYCA Learning’s entire content library of off-the shelf eLearning courses. Featuring harassment prevention and diversity and inclusion training content, MYCA Learning is known for providing eLearning courses tailored to the end user’s specific industry and situation. Past clients have included corporate, government, non-profit, and education organizations throughout the United States.

“Prositions is now at the helm of the sales and distribution efforts for MYCA Learning’s products,” said Jill Dillenburg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prositions. “This agreement creates a very strong relationship between our two organizations. We will champion customer acquisition and service, while the experienced professionals at MYCA Learning can focus on their passion of creating and developing phenomenal eLearning courses.”

MYCA Learning’s flagship product, Harassment Education and Retaliation Overview (HERO), brings an entertaining mystery-style approach to the heavy topic of harassment training. Featuring four characters who get suspended, the viewer takes the role of the chief investigator, working to get to the bottom of what really happened. HERO invites participants to interact in a 3D virtual environment to challenge their understanding of their employer’s anti-harassment and retaliation policies. Preview it for yourself!

“Having worked at MYCA Learning for the last few years, I’ve seen the organization grow and evolve,” responded Dennis Barr, Senior Account Executive, and the newest member of the Prositions team. “I look forward to working at Prositions, and have no doubt that this agreement will position both MYCA Learning and Prositions to continue their positive impact on the industry.”

This is Prositions’ third master distribution agreement since August, and is further enforcing their place in the content and training market. The eLearning courses and video vignettes created by MYCA Learning, coupled with the existing libraries of assessment tools and training materials, have helped Prositions round out its suite of talent development, technology, and consulting solutions.

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