Prositions, Inc., the creators of the new micro-learning mobile app, DashTrain, recently started a free pilot program to give organizations unlimited access to their system and content for 30 days, with no limit to the number of users enrolled. DashTrain contains over 3,000 video and audio learning bites on 20 different topics, such as communication skills, leadership, customer service, HR compliance, computer skills, and safety. Each are between two and six minutes in length and were designed with the busy employee in mind.

“We want to help organizations experience the benefits of micro-learning firsthand,” explained Jill Dillenburg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Prositions, Inc. “Our free DashTrain pilot program will allow organizations to try micro-learning with no obligation or risk. Plus, there is the flexibility to tailor the pilot program for your organization and host your own internal micro-learning content in our system.”

The DashTrain application was designed for mobile devices first, with professionally produced HD quality micro-videos and audios. The application has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and a powerful predictive search engine that makes finding the right content fast and simple.

“Over 70% of today’s employees are already using their own personal mobile devices for training and performance support on the job,” stated Frank Russell, CEO of Prositions, Inc. “Many employees are in a plant, in the field, or on-the-go, and traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) and courses are simply not convenient for these learners. That’s why micro-learning can make a huge impact on training effectiveness, employee satisfaction, and information retention.”

Use DashTrain to complement the learning that already takes place in the classroom or via a learning management system (LMS). This performance support-style of micro-learning has been proven to enhance learning and reduce employee fatigue and mental burnout. Studies have shown a 50-65% increase of information retention and a 80-95% increase in completion rates when using micro-learning.

The DashTrain 30-day pilot is perfect for organizations that are:

  • Looking to try micro-learning at no cost or obligation
  • Trying to make training content available to more employees, especially those without a desk
  • Finding that LMS usage and satisfaction with traditional training is on the decline

To get started with a free 30-day pilot of DashTrain, please submit the form on this website: For additional information or to speak with someone about the benefits of micro-learning, please call 877-244-8848 or email

About Prositions
Prositions, Inc. is a leading provider of learning content and performance support libraries and offers a complete range of consulting, software, and service solutions. DashTrain, their new mobile-first application, contains thousands of micro-video and audio learning bites that enable organizations to give their employees instant access to the world’s leading “how-to” business libraries and best-selling authors, anywhere and at anytime. For more information about Prositions, visit

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