Prositions, Inc., a talent transformation company, announced today the launch of a new program offering a complimentary 360° leadership assessment, complete with cloud-based delivery, analysis reports and coaching sessions.

“Our new leadership coaching and mentoring program is built around a powerful 360° survey tool,” said Frank Russell, CEO of Prositions. “It uses the latest cloud-based and virtual technology to deliver a convenient and highly effective leadership development solution. We invite any organization who wants to help their leadership team grow and become more effective to sign up and give us a test drive,” Russell said.

The program includes one free online assessment, for a designated leader, along with feedback from up to fifteen team members. This can include supervisors, peers, direct reports and customers or partners. The program also includes a free report along with analysis, feedback and coaching from one of Prositions’ certified leadership mentors.

The assessment, designed by Management Research Group®, is based on 22 critical leadership skill areas and has been administered to thousands of leaders worldwide. “This normative database helps the survey candidate evaluate how they are performing in comparison to other leaders in similar industries and cultures,” said Peter O’Neill, Senior Leadership Coach for Prositions. “It’s also available in several other languages and has been localized for international use.”

Prositions Inc. is a rapidly growing talent management consulting firm that offers a variety of solutions for Full Talent Lifecycle Support. These solutions include talent acquisition, leadership development, career transition and outplacement support. Prositions does this in a unique way by combining the power of technology (ProCareerMentortm) with an international team of certified coaches and mentors. For more information about Prositions and their unique solutions, visit them on the web at, or follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Management Research Group is an assessment design company based in Portland, Maine, with offices in Dublin, Ireland. Organizations in more than 100 countries turn to MRG for assessments that do more than simply give information. MRG’s assessments allow individuals and organizations to recognize and leverage the behavioral assets that maximize every individual’s unique potential.

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