Des Moines, IA, (PRWEB) July 28, 2020

Prositions, Inc., a pioneer in the design and delivery of virtual training solutions, has released a new series of highly interactive and engaging workshops that combine a variety of delivery modalities.

Each workshop includes live video webinars, microlearning modules, digital workbooks, social collaboration tools, online assessments, and many other virtual technologies that create a robust learning solution for organizations that are moving to replace classroom sessions and eLearning programs that are not delivering the results organizations need in today’s challenging and rapidly changing world.

Many of these workshops feature a prominent best-selling author or leading subject matter

expert. The workshops can be customized and tailored to fit the unique needs of all types of
organizations and industries, including small to large companies, government agencies, and
academic institutions. Virtual Workshop topics include:

  • How to Address Systemic Racism
  • How to Lead a Remote Work Team
  • How to Give an Effective Online Presentation
  • How to Build a More Resilient and Positive Work Culture
  • How to Prevent Harassment with Remote Teams
  • How to Give Feedback to Your Boss Safely
  • How to Avoid Furloughs and Layoffs
  • How to Become a More Authentic Leader
  • How to Manage Multi-generational Teams

“We’ve found that eLearning programs or ‘talking head’ webinars alone are not delivering the results or engaging experiences organizations and learners need today,” said Frank Russell, CEO of Prositions. “Our new Virtual Workshops, with their robust multi-modal delivery design, have a greater impact on behavior change and are more likely to deliver the results organizations require.”

Some of the additional benefits Prositions’ Virtual Workshops provide include:

  • More convenient for Work from Home and remote employees
  • Highly adaptive to individuals and organizational needs
  • Rapid deployment and rollout for critical and time sensitive content
  • More cost effective than traditional training
  • Safer for all participants and the organization

“The response we’re getting from our clients is phenomenal,” exclaimed Jill Dillenburg, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “As organizations plan for the next phase of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing new training and development strategies for their leaders and employees will be critical for their survival and future success. Our Virtual Workshops are incredibly flexible and can be tailored to almost any industry or requirement.”    

For more information or a digital catalog of Prositions’ most up-to-date Workshops, call 877-244-8848, or contact us at

About Prositions, Inc.

Prositions, Inc. is a leading provider of learning content and virtual training programs and offers a complete range of consulting, software, and service solutions. DashTrain, their mobile-first application, contains thousands of microvideo and audio learning bites that enable organizations to give their employees instant access to the world’s leading “how-to” business libraries and best-selling authors, anywhere and at any time. For more information about Prositions, visit