Prositions announces a new initiative to create a series of blended-learning courses based on the works of some of the industry’s top selling business books and authors. The subjects will cover a range of topics including leadership, supervision, communication, customer service, and other soft skill training areas. This new series will use a unique instructional design approach that allows organizations to deliver this content in a variety of ways to meet the changing needs of today’s learners.

“Employees want learning content that is short, mobile, quickly accessible, and very flexible,” said Frank Russell, CEO of Prositions, Inc. “We’ve designed a new format that will allow users to serve up content in a variety of different ways, depending on the needs of the organization and individual learners including; traditional classroom delivery, self-paced e-learning, short micro-videos, and more. Today’s employees want more choices and convenient delivery options,” continued Russell, “and this new series will meet all of those demands.”

Research conducted by IDC indicated workers waste a significant amount of time each day searching the Internet for information to answer basic questions or to help them perform better. This lost productivity can quickly add up, averaging $48,000 per employee annually of wasted search time. Prositions’ new learning format can be used as a performance support tool to provide the precise information wanted at the exact moment of need; this can significantly reduce wasted time and energy and boost overall employee productivity.

Recently, Prositions released a new IT literacy performance support solution based on the best-selling dummies® “how-to” book series. The release included over 1,100 short videos (1 to 3 minutes in length) covering the most commonly searched questions for programs like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Google, Android, Apple iOS, and other related technology topics. The dummies® Performance Support platform has a rapid search engine that serves up short micro-video tutorials which can be played on almost any device or platform.

“The combination of these best-selling books and authors, along with our new content delivery design, will be a real game changer for the industry,” said Jill Dillenburg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prositions, Inc. “Our customers have been asking for a flexible content solution that can be delivered in a variety of traditional and non-traditional ways.”

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