Relationship Strategies (Birds) Assessment for Workplace Communication

The Relationship Strategies assessment is designed to improve business and interpersonal relationships.

Full Assessment Includes
  • Online assessment
  • Downloadable PDF report that includes:
    • Personalized responses
    • Introduction to the 4 styles
    • Assessment results
    • Review of personal style
    • Application of the 4 styles
    • Identification of the 4 styles
How-To Training Points
  • Learn to identify their own behavioral style
  • Learn how to adapt their style to others
  • Recognize how a person’s behavioral style influences what he/she wants, needs, and expects from others
Additional Materials Available
  • Administration portal for delivering purchased assessments
  • Relationship Strategies participant workbooks
  • Trainer’s Kit:
    • 2 part DVD featuring Dr. Tony Alessandra
    • Trainer’s guide with 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour training agendas
    • 1x Relationship Strategies participant workbook

Relationship Strategies Assessment (BIRDS)

Scientific research shows us that people communicate, think, and behave predictably different. Respected figures from the sciences have observed and studied four distinct behavioral styles. Many names have been assigned to the styles. In this assessment they are titled DOVE, EAGLE, OWL, and PEACOCK.

Each style has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. No one style is better than another. The key to being a more effective communicator is learning and following The Platinum Rule—Do unto others as they want to be done unto.

By knowing your style and being able to identify the style of others, you can adapt your style to communicate more successfully. The Relationship Strategies assessment is designed as an easy-to-use tool to improve business and interpersonal relationships. It is not designed as an in-depth psychological examination of human behavior, but rather as a simple way of observing, identifying, and understanding the differences in people through their behavior. Through understanding the differences, individuals should be able to greatly improve their communication effectiveness by learning how to better deal with others.

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