A Guide to Becoming a Better Leader by Achieving Your Best Self

The Art of Authenticity micro-learning program will help your leaders discover the power of authenticity at work

The Art of Authenticity course is a complete workshop, eLearning course, and micro-learning performance support tool that can transform your team to achieve higher levels of engagement and productivity. Going beyond the basic “how-to” of leadership skills, this course will help your employees understand why the world is starving for character, transparency, and trust. It will also show what your managers and employees can do to deploy authentic leadership practices for your organization.

In today’s changing environment, authentic leadership is more important than ever. Use the Art of Authenticity modules and training points to achieve a culture of leadership that is balanced, transparent, and most importantly authentic. While the training points covered in this program are great for all employees and leaders, they are especially useful for experienced leaders who need a fresh perspective.

With compelling and entertaining stories, examples, and content, your employees will learn the secrets of becoming a more authentic leader and person.

Key Training Points

Understand the definition of ‘authenticity’ at work

Learn why authentic behavior is important for success today

Discover why your quirks can actually be positive attributes


Uncover the secrets of your various “selves”

Learn how to balance and process input from your team

Find out how to encourage openness and transparency


Learn how to have “honest conversations”

7 Micro-Video Modules

1. Introduction: Becoming a More Authentic Leader

2. Selves Awareness: Being Your Selves with Skill

3. Act Naturally: Managing Multiple Selves

4. Balancing Act: Implementing Balanced Processing

5. Total Transparency: Best Practice or Myth?

6. Authenticity GPS: Navigating Ethical Minefields

7. Psychological Guardrails: Staying Focused on Your Values

Features of The Art of Authenticity Micro-Learning

7 Micro-Video Modules Covering:

  • Major behaviors of authentic leadership
  • The process for discovering your signature contributions
  • How and when to use balanced processing
  • Tips for understanding truth and leadership
  • Three rules to encourage relational transparency
  • Steps to develop virtue and character

Flexible Delivery Formats:

  • Classroom DVD or USB
  • eLearning (SCORM)
  • Performance Support on DashTrain
  • Streaming HD Video

Reproducible and Customizable Materials:

  • Facilitator Notes
  • Administrative Guides
  • Presentation PowerPoint Templates
  • Participant Handouts
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Desk Reference Materials
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Coaching Guides
  • And More!

About the Author

Dr. Karissa Thacker Author & Expert

Karissa Thacker is a widely respected business consultant and management psychologist who has worked with over 200 large companies including UPS, Best Buy, and AT&T. Dr. Thacker is a best-selling and award-winning author and speaks to audiences worldwide about how to develop critical leadership and life skills. This micro-learning course is based on her best-selling and award-winning book. The course gleans wisdom and insights from over 20 years of working with executives and leaders to help them find their authentic selves.


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