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Beyond Leadership Training

True Development Model

A practical guide to building lasting behavior change

Frontline leaders are vital to the success of every organization, and in recent years, the demands put on these leaders have grown exponentially. Our evaluations and observations of a wide variety of leadership training programs uncovered that real behavior change (the ultimate goal of training) is difficult to obtain and sustain. A different approach is needed for leadership development.

Our solution was to create a behavior change model for development that fits the realities and constraints of modern organizations, while delivering more sustainable results.

Key Takeaways:

How to use a Situational Analysis in the design of your programs

How to implement the True Development Model

Incorporating technology into administration and adoption


Real examples of success using the True Development Model

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Authors of the Whitepaper

Frank Russell, Prositions

Frank Russell | Chief Executive Officer

Frank is a serial entrepreneur, senior executive coach, and training and development professional. Prior to founding Prositions, Frank was Founder and CEO of GeoLearning, Inc. one of the largest SaaS-based learning and performance management companies in the industry. He was also President and Founder of Excellence in Training Corporation (ETC), a leading producer of video-based training materials. He has been a Director of Training for a Fortune 500 company and led a team that created the Iowa Management Training System for the State of Iowa.

Craig Robbins | Director of Talent Development Solutions

Craig manages an international team of coaches and consultants who design and deliver customized talent development solutions for a wide range of organizations. Craig was an advisor responsible for training, advising, and mentoring a multinational government organization with more than 5,000 members in Europe and West Asia.

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