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Leaders and their teams have the most significant impact on the success of your organization

Leadership Coaching and Development

Prositions offers Leadership and Executive Coaching. These services are designed for every level of leadership: the highly promotable candidate, more experienced managers, and top-level executives. Using the power of our technology coupled with our team of seasoned coaches and mentors, these programs are tailored to the individual needs of each leader and organization.

What Makes Prositions’ Coaching Different?

International Team of Certified Experts

It all starts with a team of highly qualified coaches and mentors who have decades of experience working with leadership development issues and challenges. Their backgrounds cover a broad spectrum of skill sets and a wide variety of industries and organizational sizes. They are also independently certified in a variety of the most powerful leadership assessments and coaching techniques.

Our Coaching Process


Before we begin with any client we conduct a Situational Analysis to understand the culture, leadership styles, and business objectives of the organization. We tailor and customize our coaching approach to create critical alignment. This is important to ensure that candidates receive the most appropriate feedback and content to meet their needs and the needs of the organization. It also helps to build trust and rapport, which enhances coaching effectiveness.


We use online assessments to determine a leader’s capabilities and strengths and how their supervisor, peers, and direct reports perceive them.


The candidate is provided with a detailed report benchmarked against an extensive database of normalized leadership competence areas. The coach provides interpretation and feedback to the candidate about the results and answers any questions.


Based on this analysis and feedback, the candidate and coach build a leadership development plan. This becomes an important tool to gauge progress and measure success.


In follow-up coaching sessions, advice, assignments, courses, and other activities are introduced. Based on the agreed upon objectives of the plan, an evaluation process begins and modifications are made, if needed.

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Need to Develop High Potential Leaders?

In some instances, organizations want to prepare highly promotable candidates for leadership positions. Prositions offers coaching and development for the new leader. In this case, we use a leadership style assessment so new leaders understand how they behave and may be perceived by others. This tool is highly effective with candidates who do not have the leadership experience or direct report feedback capability. A detailed report is provided along with feedback from the coach. Assignments, exercises, readings, and courses are also recommended to help prepare the new leader for his or her changing role. Finally, the coach continues with the new leader to help advise, mentor, and answer questions as issues and opportunities arise.

I recently completed a series of coaching calls with Prositions that were immensely helpful to me. The timing of the coaching was perfect as I had just been promoted to a leadership role, thus the focus of our sessions was developing work styles that would enable others in the organization to view me as a leader. Using the results from my online assessment, my coaches and I were able to identify and target improvement strategies. They were supportive and encouraging, offering helpful suggestions and then offering constructive feedback after I tried the suggestions. The program was well organized and included a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend the coaching program for anyone who is interested in improving their leadership skills or professionalism.

Diane B.

Vice President of Human Resources

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