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We design and deliver workshops and events for organizations in numerous industries. Our goal is to create and deliver a program that’s unique to the needs of your organization, and follow up after the event to help members of your team maintain sustainable relationships that positively influence your stakeholder(s).

Our workshops and events can stand alone or be combined with coaching and mentoring, which allows participants to work one-on-one with our team of certified coaches and mentors.

Applying Training in the Real Work Environment

We wrap up our events to help your audience bring all their training together. We’ll review what we covered, but more importantly, we’ll talk about how to apply what’s been learned in the real work environment. This is where we take everything from theory into practice, while helping your group build their own plans to change the way they work together, innovate, and lead the organization.

Reinforcement Leads to Sustainable Behavior Change

Post-Learning Reinforcement

The true value in any training and development program is being able to create sustainable and positive behavior change. We’ve found that organizations and participants who take advantage of one-on-one and team coaching or mentoring have more profound and sustainable results.

People who take advantage of this one-on-one coaching get the a chance to ask the hard questions while receiving guidance from a trained, professional coach.

The way we deliver this coaching and mentoring varies, but your participants will be able to reach out to the facilitators and other certified coaches and mentors who can help them apply what they learned in their work environment. To ensure this, we offer real world exercises, assignments, and coaching and mentoring for workshop participants after the program.

Tired of standard training? We offer Innovation Training options to liven up your learning!

In these types of workshops we throw out the typical PowerPoint presentations of the past and “get real.” Boring, classroom-style approach lectures have no place in this fresh approach to training.

The primary objective: facilitating interactive dialogue between workshop participants and their teams, rather than presenting dry facts and figures.

Every innovation training workshop conducted by Prositions includes taking real life challenges and finding new and workable solutions. Because of this personalized approach, no two workshops are the same.  

The workshops ends with concrete, tangible results that help solve real problems. This thought-provoking, dynamic innovation training will not only enhance employees’ awareness of the many aspects of excitementpeepsinnovation, but will inspire them to work together to create a culture where innovation can thrive.

Prositions is uniquely qualified for this program. Less than a dozen other facilitators in the world are certified to deliver this highly creative and practical workshop.

Leadership Training

Training offers a cost-effective way to develop leaders as a group, where the same core content is applicable to a broad audience. Our leadership training workshops are strongly aligned with the assessments and coaching process.

Content for these leadership training programs can be based on the overall organizational analysis gained from the individual, self, and 360 assessment process. Key development areas that affect a significant number of leaders or specific needs areas that have been previously identified (such as coaching and mentoring skills) can be included in the training program design.

Training can be delivered via multiple modalities such as on-site, virtual, sell-paced, and e-learning.

Organizational Mentoring

An organizational mentoring program helps spread best practices throughout the organization without relying on 3rd party resources. Leaders who excel in certain areas are often willing to provide guidance to those leaders who aren’t as strong in a given area, such as delivering employee recognition, having difficult conversations, or being an effective mentor.

Prositions specializes in a full range of mentoring solutions that include:

Mentoring Program Design

Includes the program’s vision and goals, how mentor/mentee matching occurs, and admin requirements to support the program


Mentor Training

Includes content, Individual Action Plans, and other support materials. It can also include our new 16-module mentor training program, Make Mentoring Count, with Dr. Lois J. Zachary, leading expert on developing mentoring skills and author of the best selling book, The Mentor’s Guide

Mentoring Technology

Includes access to our secure, virtual mentoring software, MentorString.

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